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‘Art Fictions’ is a fortnightly podcast hosted by artist and critical writer Jillian Knipe.

FRANCES RICHARDSON (and Virginia Woolf)

November 12, 2020

Frances Richardson selects two short texts by Virginia Woolf - 'The Mark on the Wall' published in 1917 and 'Solid Objects' in 1918. Both begin with a black dot which becomes a jumping off point for musing about the structures and systems which govern our livelihoods. The first text has the narrator enjoying their own wondering about the identity of the mark on the wall, pulling away from the dreariness of logical thinking, championing instead, the inventiveness and possibilities in imaginative thinking. While the second text revolves around two politicians, one of whom finds a piece of smoothed glass at the seaside. He becomes obsessed with observation and collecting, giving up his political aspirations for a more materially intimate life - what an excellent idea for many of that lot ! 

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About the Search: A Conversation with Frances Richardson

by Elizabeth Fullerton

SCULPTURE Nov/Dec 2020

British sculptor Frances Richardson, 2017 recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, endows utilitarian materials such as Perspex and wood veneer with unexpected lyricism and elemental force. Her Tanner Award show, “Not even nothing can be free of ghosts” (at Standpoint Gallery in London, then Cross Lane Projects in Kendal, northern England), gave full rein to her poetic sensibilities as material, form, and content engaged in a bewitching interplay of doubles and reflections between pieces and sometimes within one work. Loosely based on the theme of water as a metaphor for the state of perpetual searching, the exhibition marked a departure in approach for Richardson, breaching her self-imposed mandate to use materials with “no history” and exploring a conspicuously intimate scale in relation to her 2006–13 series of monumental MDF I-beams that forcefully dictated movement through space.


Ideas in the Making: Drawing Structure

Solo exhibition catalogue


Three-dimensional drawing - Jeremy Cooper

Inside the image - Frances Richardson in conversation with Luce Garrigues

Trinity Contemporary

Softback, 48 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9562539-2-7

Scan 2.jpg

Not even nothing can be free of ghosts

Solo exhibition catalogue - Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, Standpoint Gallery, London


Frances Richardson in conversation with Javier Pes and Luce Garrigues

Cross Lane Projects

Kendal, Cumbria


Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing

Emma Dexter


Published by Phaidon Press, 2005

ISBN 13: 978-0-714845456


50 Women Sculptors

by Joanna Sperryn-Jones (Author), Melissa Hamnett (Author), Cheryl Robson (editor) (Author), Cheryl Robson (Editor)

Published by Aurora Metro Books 2020

ISBN 13: 978-0993220777

the art of drawing.jpg

The Art Of Drawing: British Masters and Methods since 1600

by Susan Owens (Author)

The Art of Drawing is the first book in sixty years to cover the wider history of drawing in Britain exploring the crucial role drawing has played in British art. Featuring works by foremost British artists from the early seventeenth century right up to the present day, this book offers fresh insights into the wide range of ways in which these artists have used drawing to think on paper, build up ideas and make finished exhibition pieces.

Published by V&A  2013

ISBN 13: 978-1851777587

Scan 5.jpeg

In Between the Lines: Recent British Drawings

by Jeremy Cooper (Author), Catherine Lampert (Author)

Well-illustrated catalogue published to accompany an exhibition, 25 June - 10 July 2009. Useful survey of drawing practices in contemporary British art. Includes texts by Jeremy Cooper and Catherine Lampert.

Published by Trinity Contemporary 2009

ISBN 13: 978-0956253903

 © 2018 Frances Richardson 

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