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2018  CW SOLO AWARD, London Art Fair

"'In times of brutal instability' is a new body of work by Frances Richardson, taking the simplicity of a post-it note as a starting point with which to respond to the temporary nature of the art fair and how this in turn relates to the temporality of the encounter with a sculpture or object.
The post-it note here acts as a metaphor, through which we can experience the fleeting nature and tenuous balance of the art fair entity. After all, the post-it remains an office staple even in this digital age, but, as a consumable, flyaway, slither of paper, it is still subject to gravity and time: barely gummed to a surface, holding for a brief time words or doodles, a reminder, a note-to-self, an idea balanced on a wall. The post-it can also be read as metaphor for the market economy and instability of our financial and political climate, and the precarious position of an artist and art inside or outside of the art market ."  Chiara Williams
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 © 2018 Frances Richardson 

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