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2015, site specific temporary installation Hanover Project, UCLAN, Preston


Now is then forever was made in response to the work Still  by Andy Broadey, a photographic series documenting the abandoned and now derelict party headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party.     Download PRESS RELEASE 


This stylised drawing, once installed, prompts an examination of certain complex clandestine ethical and ideological implications of “haunting of forgetting with and by remembering” (Gil Anidjar). The obstructed window-views and the “staged” deterioration emphasise the fragile cognitive capacity of human vision for grasping both the past and the future, while the work puts in a complex and slightly ironic co-relation to the materiality of “now” and the imaginary of “forever”.

Extract from exhibition pamphlet, written by theorist and curator, Suzana Milevska download pdf

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